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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When you're bored and have nothing to do...

So as I wait for my work to start, I have had some free time on my hands. Somehow though I have managed to keep myself "busy" with things I haven't gotten around to do... such as:watching an old TV show and actually organizing my room/life. If you're in that same kind of rut, maybe some of these ideas will help you pass the time.

Do an arts and crafts project
My friend started making these awesome bracelets that easily look like they could have been bought from a cute boutique. She went to Michaels and various bead stores in the area to find unique beads. People have even started coming up to her and have asked her to make some for them! The whole "stacked/bunched bracelets" is totally in right now too.

I found this craft website on how to make this unique bracelet as well.

Catch up on an old TV show
There are always reruns of those great shows you used to watch when you were young and even ones that you might have not seen before. Some television channels that play these shows are teennickreelz channel and tvland. If you can't find that TV show on during the day, there are always websites like HulusidereelTv-Links that have shows like Saved By the Bell, Ally McBeal, NewsRadio, Gilligans Island, The Brady Bunch and Three's Company.
Saved By The Bell
Organize your room/office/calendar
Summer is about to begin and it is a great time to get rid of those clothes you never wear! Donate them to  goodwill or a homeless shelter. 

-tips for organizing rooms: here and here

Go through your files and see if there are any old papers you really don't need anymore and recycle them! 

Put together your summer calendar. Plan a long weekend trip away with your group of friends, loved one or family! 

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