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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Travel Fun: Auckland


Dotti: affordable women's fashion.

Country Road: Highly regarded brand in Australia and New Zealand for men and women.

 Barkers: High end men's fashion.

Lara Parker: High end New Zealand fashion designer.

Karen Walker: High end New Zealand fashion designer.

Prego: Located in Ponsonby, a trendy upper-middle class neighborhood, this restaurant has been well known among the locals for over 20 years. It is a wonderful Italian restaurant that has received numerous awards for it's menu and service.

Soul.:Whether it's night or day, this place is always packed. Located in the heart of the Viaduct Harbour, it attracts locals and tourists with it's fabulous, but expensive menu.

Cheaper Options

Burger Fuel : A menu with a diverse and large amount of choices. Delicious quick burger place that's more upscale than your average fast food joint. They have options for those that are vegetarian or gluten-free. 

Hell Pizza: A pizza place that delivers good quality pizza! They also offer fries, salads and pasta dishes. Pizza menu includes options for those are that gluten-free and vegetarian as well. It is located all over the country!


Skytower: The tallest man-made structure in New Zealand that offers you an incredible view of all of Auckland. 

Auckland Museum: A museum that is very informative and interactive when teaching you about New Zealand. While exploring there, you may learn about the several volcanoes that reside in the area, the Maori culture, important figures in NZ history, their animal and plant life and much more.
Here I am standing (on my tip toes) next to the moa. A moa is an extinct flightless bird that once wandered New Zealand and was killed/eaten by the Maori. Bird like emu and ostrich descend from the moa.
The Auckland Museum

Cassette Nine: A bar with a good size dance floor, clubbish music and of course their signature drinks served in teapots.

Bungalow 8: A trendy bar/lounge with a "New York" feel.  Located in the Viaduct Harbour, one can take in the wonderful view of the water while drinking a cocktail on their large balcony.

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