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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amazingly Outrageous

I have discovered a New Zealand television show that is nothing like anything that has been aired in America. It pokes fun at the west Auckland (largest city in New Zealand) community and the things they go about in their daily lives. It was known to be the longest running drama in New Zealand. The show ended its sixth season only a few months ago in November 2010.
According to Wikipedia...
The central plot is that a family of criminals decide to go straight after the patriarch is jailed. Like the show itself, episodes take their names from Shakespeare quotations. The main characters each walk a fine line between right and wrong according to their respective values - the law, the criminal code of honor, loyalty to family and respectability.
To get a whole briefing on the show click here.
Although this show is considered a "drama," it does no way fall under the category of Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives. This a one hour show filled with crime, humor and  some sexual context. There is definitely enough nudity and profanity to keep this show from ever running on an American television network.
Once I started watching Outrageous Fortune, I literally couldn't stop. My host family and the rest of the friends I made in New Zealand picked up quickly on my love for the show. I highly recommend watching it online or if you by chance see it in a store, definitely pick it up to rent or buy! It's worth it I promise.
WARNING: Very explicit content.

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