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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What you should be watching this Fall.

I am very excited for the upcoming television shows for Fall 2011. One may think it is a little crazy to make an excel spread sheet of all of the shows to watch this fall/mid season, I just say it's organized :)

Midseason shows with unknown times/dates: Alcatraz: FOX and The River: ABC

Alcatraz: FOX
The River: ABC
Pan Am: ABC
Terra Nova: FOX
How I Met Your Mother: CBS

The Playboy Club: NBC
Glee: FOX
New Girl: FOX
Awkward: MTV
Up All Night: NBC
Criminal Minds: CBS
Modern Family: ABC

Law & Order SVU: NBC
The Big Bang Theory: CBS
Person of Interest: CBS
The Office: NBC
Whitney: NBC
Saturday Night Live: NBC

8:00  Sunday Night Football: NBC
8:30  SNF: NBC
9:00  SNF: NBC
9:30  SNF: NBC
10:00 Pan Am: ABC/SNF: NBC
10:30 Pan Am: ABC/SNF: NBC

7:00 Monday Night Football: ESPN
7:30 MNF: ESPN
8:00 Terra Nova: FOX/MNF: ESPN/How I Met Your Mother: CBS
8:30 Terra Nova: FOX/ MNF
9:00 MNF
9:30 MNF
10:00 The Playboy Club: NBC/MNF
10:30 The Playboy Club: NBC/MNF

8:00 Glee: FOX
8:30 Glee: FOX
9:00 New Girl: FOX
11:30 Awkward: MTV (varies)

8:00 Up All Night: NBC
9:00 Criminal Minds: CBS/ Modern Family: ABC 
9:30 Criminal Minds: CBS
10:00 Law & Order SVU: NBC
10:30 Law & Order SVU: NBC

8:00 The Big Bang Theory: CBS
9:00 Person of Interest: CBS/ The Office: NBC
9:30 Person of Interest: CBS/ Whitney: NBC

11:30 Saturday Night Live: NBC

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